Nov 30, 2010


Click Anywhere on Picture to Buy Lifetime Coverage for $29.95

  • When you sign up with Pawtag, you enter the brass tag number on their computer input page.
  • You enter your dog's name, so when the person who found your pet calls in to the 800 number on the tag, that's the first thing the operator tells them. This way they can talk to your pet by name to calm him.
  • The operator asks the person where they are physically located, and can tell them using a computer map how far your dog is away from home and the address of the dog and you, the owner.
  • The operator tells the person that he/she is going to call you immediately, the owner, so you can call the person back and arrange to pick up your pet. The operator takes down a name and address for the good person who is reuniting dog with family.
  • If you are at work or busy or perhaps away or on vacation, on the computer input form you can enter up to 10 relatives and friends' phone numbers for the operator to call when you are busy and unaware there is a problem. This makes sure the person who found your pet is not inconvenienced if they have something else they must do.
  • Because the computer information is so important it is backed up in one place where the operators can get at it all 24/7, and it is backed up at a secure 2nd location in the event the main database is compromised.
  • Lots of people who have Microchips get Pawtags to help--because neighbors can't read microchips.
  • Let's face it -- while life goes on we take vacations, work, and are sometimes unavailable to attend to an emergency we don't know about-- but with Pawtags you never have to worry about it. Just tell all the people who you listed on the phone list to perhaps expect a call one day. Get them to put THEIR pets on PAWTAG for a lifetime of no worries. Help Pawtag take over as the leader in the lost pet help category, as it can only help Pawtag be an even stronger company with a better known name! 


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