All About Wendy

As a Pet Lifestyle Advisor™, in a nutshell I do my best to give pet lovers expert tips and advice about how to live a better life with their pets. I help with ideas and techniques that range from training, general knowledge, feeding, exercising, grooming, different ways to play, good products -- and everything in between. If it has to do with keeping your pet happy, healthy, and loved- I am here to help! I mentioned I also evaluate products and recommend what and what not to buy, given qualities that range from outright danger to excellence.

I have started pet product companies, hosted pet shows on TV and radio, and written 5 books. All my experience has culminated in my latest book which is a true handbook any dog lover could and should use for life that covers general knowledge, training, exercise, grooming, health, cleaning and creating a lifelong bond with your dog. Buy the book or just read my blog and tune into the show -- hopefully I can help you and your furry family member!

For a full description of my whole Biography and all the things I have squeezed into life thus far, please visit my site at the professional business social link, Linked In

Here is my book: